Child trauma training in Qatar

Although the socioeconomic context was different from the previous experience in India, there were many similarities too, when I visited Doha in February. Dhreima is the centre for disadvantaged children under the Qatar Orphan Foundation. The mixed residential and largely community caseload of around 700 children at any time includes children without parents, under child protection procedures, or living at home but where the family need support. The holistic approach of care, education, creative and leisure activities, with sport and art prominent, were impressive; so was the pride for children maximizing their potential and the moto ‘zero children in residential care if possible’. An excellent and inquistive social work team –20150222_115732765_iOS 20150222_121523442_iOS 20150223_112140487_iOS currently exploring further training opportunities.

I particularly loved the name of the centre and its symbolism, as you can see in the picture: Dreihma is a flower of the desert that grows against the odds, just like the aspiration for the children under their care.


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