Helping children in trauma in India

In January we visited a number of NGOs, mainly provided by the Ramakrishna mission, in and around Mumbai, with Dr Bina Sanwant, Clinical Psychologist. It was an amazing experience – staff and volunteers adopted a holistic approach by providing physical health, education and training skills for the future. The most notable examples were in the rural area Sakwar, where the photos are from, and in Eastern Mumbai, the centre Sharda Samiti, serving 20,000 people in the most deprived slum areas. Children came from the streets, were orphaned, or attended for the day, for various reasons. The staff appeared ready for mental health input to their community healh team, and this is exactly what we set out to do. With sponsorsip to kick start a previous charity Care-Sel, this will have two arms: one to generate funding through training and generic services, and the other will provide a free service to children in the slum areas.


My question is: Do you have examples and models of setting up similar services? How about social enterprises? Examples from other fields would be valuable too.

The photos are from the rural centre in Sakwar.19300_10204948749852382_6382213525198675054_n 10310527_10204949036059537_4119424883852681726_n 10923234_10204948747972335_5095810530719137215_n IMG_20150125_143935


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