Witnessing the nurturing progress of young children in a Jakarta care home

I would not claim that pulling faces at babies and waiting for them to smile back is the most accurate attachment test! However, I did get lots of smiles from this young lady and her baby friends. They were becoming alert and curious, which made sense, experiencing the warmth and stimulation from their caregivers.

This was evident in the 4-5 year-old classroom, where by now the children were keen to learn, could interact appropriately and take turns. A little boy felt secure enough to remind me that I was sitting on his chair!

Considering many stories of abandonment of babies in plastic bags, boxes or by the side of the road, their progress spoke loudly of the quality of care they were receiving. Great input from three in-house

 Psychologists and from my psychiatric friend Isa Multazam Noor who visits regularly. A lovely model.


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