At long last, a few video WACIT clips – Let’s start with the children!

The joys of technology took me much longer than anticipated, but probably for the better. Editing video clips from four training programmes across four countries, with distinct cultures, languages and services made it easier to spot patterns and common themes in the WACIT model for children who experienced trauma.

I have to start from four groups of children, all singing in the face of adversity:

  1. At a rural slum area in Nakuru, Kenya, for victims of ethnic displacement, now living in extreme poverty.

2. At a care home and community centre in Gisenyi, Rwanda, for young people with disabilities following the closure of the local orphanage.

3. At the Hayat Foundation for street children now back with their families in Istanbul, Turkey; joined on the day by Syrian refugee children from a designated school (courtesy of the activities from Invest in Children):

4. At a special school and a community care home for ex-street in Jakarta, Indonesia; also ex-street children going a step beyond and opening an international conference:

An abundance of symbolism, talent and evidence of the nurturing benefits of brilliant caregivers, teachers and volunteers under the most adverse circumstances all over the world!

(also, see:


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