Child trauma workshop videos from three countries: As with the children, language is no barrier

Trying to make sense of the emerging model from three child trauma workshops in the last couple of months, the similarities make them hard to distinguish, which is extremely encouraging:

At the Hayat Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey, 50 participants were practitioners and volunteers from a different of settings. Relating theory, practice and their own roles seemed to run smoothly:


At the Point Foundation in Gisenyi, Rwanda, 20 carers from disability homes, many of whom had previously worked at the local orphanage, easily followed a similar pattern, albeit with adaptation for children and young people with disability (such as the behavioural analysis in the video).

Moving on to Jakarta, Indonesia, and a workshop hosted by the Faculty of Psychology of the Islamic University of Jakarta, the 60 participants were again a mixture of practitioners from different disciplines and settings, including local orphanages. They also had so much to contribute on their practice and roles, and enjoy linking with theory and new ideas.



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