Video clips of child trauma activities and staff training by Invest in Children

My last blog of 2015 has to be dedicated to this great team, with my thanks and appreciation for our collaboration, and our exciting plans for next year!

It was generous of Invest in Children (Sandy, Joel, Kimmie and Kevin) to deviate from their usual plans, and to join our training at the Hayat Foundation in Istanbul earlier this fall. What more, in their limited time they fitted one of their modules (on ‘forgiveness’) for disadvantaged children served by the Hayat, who had been re-united with their families after living on the streets. We experimented by being joined by Syrian refugee children from a designated school. Neither the children nor the staff groups had met before, there were at least three languages to navigate through, and time pressure to deal with a sensitive topic.

It spoke volumes about the team’s skills and engagement that they succeeded in all their goals, and in spite of all the unplanned challenges! The children’s and staff reactions are a testimony to this, as they appreciated the balance between fun and sharing a tough topic. It was no surprise to hear that there is demand for more to come in the spring, back in Istanbul and hopefully other countries too!






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