An inspiring school in the Karachi slums 

These young children are up against it for a number of reasons. And yet here comes this superb group of teachers to give them hope. Not surprisingly, when school is off, they can not wait to go back!

There is extreme poverty, lack of stimulation, but also violence to counter-balance. The under-5s’ warmth, confidence and interactions (not to mention their generous presents!) speak for the teachers’ nurturing qualities.

There was also an impressive level of leadership and vision. Integrating with children from more stable areas and re-balancing school fees is a great social enterprise model. So is the plan to expand classes as the children grow up. The Five Star school more than lives up to its name. Truly inspiring!


One thought on “An inspiring school in the Karachi slums 

  1. Hi Panos, off travelling again I see! What wonderful places you visit and people you find there, very inspiring – as your blog demonstrates so well. You look very well in the photos, thriving on your interesting work. Happy New Year to you, Liz and the family.

    From Christine



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