Maximizing student volunteering for children who need it, at Egerton University in Nakuru

The art and skill of volunteering may have taken off in large parts of the world, but often not where it is needed most. And when it does, it takes a lot of co-ordination, usually from the key NGO, to make the most of the students’ contribution, whilst giving them something back, and dealing with the logistics, if not also with safety.

Having seen it work in harmony in Istanbul and the Hayat Foundation, Nakuru in Kenya offered the chance to start from scratch. Young children in the rural slums could do with teaching help, and those in the city who had the potential but could not pay their fees, would benefit from remedial teaching to bridge the gap. As Egerton University primarily started as an Agriculture College (with fantastic facilities and infrastructure), the opportunities for young people and their parents were pretty obvious as well.

After agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding with the NGO in April, the time came to mobilize the student groups. And didn’t they just? Following the morning Theraplay session, it proved a good idea to split the workshop for them to have a session with the Indiana University students, and explore ideas of integrating volunteering widely in their curriculum, and specifically with the NGO for ethnically displaced children



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