Children’s stories from a São Paolo favela, following the TETO volunteers 

The two girls might be looking happy enough, only the mother was working away and they had been left alone. So were the two boys, who appeared as caged as their budgie. 

G is very bright, he could read from 5 years, is a promising goalkeeper and naturally a Corinthians fan; anywhere else he should have a bright future – but here? His mum was amazing, a volunteer herself, and the TETO reconstruction helped too. So it did for the Bolivian girl, only that she had to share it with 9 others. 

No sanitation, the nearest hospital is impossibly far, nowhere to play, fire and health hazards, and the irregular water and electricity are a self-borrowed favour from the surrounding poor neighbourhoods. Except for TETO and their wonderful volunteers, these families are forgotten by the world at large. 400 unimportant humans, an insignificant anomaly for society – one can add 20 more favelas in the city thankfully covered by TETO, and so many many more. At the same time, luxury shopping centres were unashamingly bursting with life, not that far away…



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