WACIT training materials on child safety, youth engagement and setting up groups

We are so grateful to Praf, Ejalal and Mark for our latest free training additions. What is most pleasing is that, because of technical delays in uploading the videos, the topics emerged naturally during the last three WACIT events in Pakistan, Kenya and Brazil.

Child safety is more than legislation, i.e. as Ejalal suggests, it is about shifting attitudes and minds towards more child-centred practice in many parts of the world. Engaging the most ‘disengaged’ teenagers and young adults in communities where there is little to look forward to has strengthened Praf’s resolve over the years and has systemic implications too. And Mark has approached groups in both the narrow and broad sense, as his experience and suggestions apply to care homes, schools and other units.

As WACIT is entering its next phase, where tools for sustainability will be crucial, we are gathering evidence from key stakeholders at our centres; consequently, will be looking at options such as E-Learn for our existing and new networks. PLEASE COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS!


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