Workshops on emotional expression by Invest in Children in Athens for ERGO and SOS Villages staff, volunteers and social mothers

The first, previously described, workshop at the adolescent unit of the Children’s SOS Villages in Athens, had involved young people, social aunts and pedagogical staff in using creative and other techniques in facilitating emotional regulation. Identifying strengths and receiving positive peer feedback emerged as the most helpful aspect for young people who are, unfortunately, not used to such an outlook.

The second workshop included a larger number of social mothers for younger children and pedagogical staff, again with the same broad objective. Despite the time constraints, both the key messages and strategies came across, particularly for social mothers who are continuously busy and emotionally close to the children. They certainly enjoyed participating in their own right.

The third workshop was slightly different. Our new NGO ERGO has a preventative mission, with groups for pre-school children already running and more being planned at psychosocial centres and schools in the Athens area. Exposure to different approaches and listening to  Joel and Sandi on how their trip has taken them from the US to Africa and, more recently to Europe, was a privilege – a huge thanks to Invest in Children!


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