Launch of the WACIT 6×6!

img_2388What we have all been waiting for! After two years of hard work with so many partners (NGOs, academic centres and professional organizations), we can now link these WACIT partners across 6 Continents over 6 Weeks (6×6) between October and November this year.

This is really exciting. The training workshops will evolve to the next phase, based on evidence from stakeholders in many countries (research findings to follow soon). The objective will be to demonstrate similarities between different systems and sociocultural contexts, and to share lessons of good practice.

This time round, the training workshops will be combined with sports and arts events with the participating charities, and children living in slums, favelas, orphanages and refugee camps. Why? To highlight the message that resilience-building takes many forms and we all have a role to play. Also, that it can be fun, and give hope even in the most adverse circumstances.

Here are the participating centres, cities and countries (also see:

Athens, Greece: Children’s SOS Villages and Ergo

Istanbul, Turkey: Hayat Foundation

Jakarta, Indonesia: State orphanages and Social Care Trust Foundation

Sydney, Australia: Gunawirra

Chicago, US: Road Home Programme for Homeless Youth

Campinas, Brazil: Children’s SOS Villages

Nakuru, Kenya: Friendly Action Network Organization

(and, yes, you have counted right: these are 7 centres from 6 continents – the odd one out being Istanbul, a city that crosses two continents!)


There are, of course, many more WACIT partners that may not be part of this route, but will be organizing satellite events. You can participate too. In addition to the consecutive training workshops, I will try to keep fit and participate in all the sports events to raise funding for some of these charities:

Please visit the fundraising webpage, be generous with your support, and share further with groups, friends and colleagues:

More details will follow on the WACIT webpage, this blog and the fundraising page.















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