What do the International Child Mental Health Study Group and Leicester City Football Club have in common?

Money does not buy success, this is what they have in common! When I first met Dejan and a few bright young people from low/middle-income countries just over 4 years ago in Istanbul, I could not have predicted what the ICMHG would have achieved. 

Later joined by Tomislav and others, the list is long: now a network of centres from 11 countries, two huge international surveys on mental health problems/substance use/quality of life and recently trauma/life events; instrument validation; large datasets; and an impressive turnover of academic papers. 

Oh, all this at no budget! Puts to shame the waste of research resources through bureaucracy and incomplete studies by large institutions. It also goes some way to proving the well documented and unjust inequality in the dissemination of knowledge between a small number of high income countries and the rest of the world; and the marginalisation of young clinicians and scientists by aging bodies.

Two days before the surreal celebrations of a small football club of underdogs, worth visiting the Facebook page of the International Child Mental Health Study Group.


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