WACIT evaluation, Sea & Currents, and the autumn 6×6

I have been mindful to keep a balance between practice, services and narratives in this blog, as research can come across as dry or purist at times. Ultimately though, we have to aim for evidence-base that will give us the confidence to build and extend the model, and partner agencies and countries to implement it.

So, a lot of effort is currently going into this by many partners. For a start, our thanks to Leicester University for the Research Impact  Development Fund, and the 17 stakeholders from 6 countries who took part in the interviews. Great data, and really helpful in informing the next phase.

The University College London Award aptly named Sea & Current Funds is in the same direction – congratulations to Evelyn (photo) and Jess, as well as the rest of the Anna Freud Centre team for their contributions! From different options in the autumn 6×6 WACIT events, the Jakarta workshops are ideally placed for Evelyn and Jess to evaluate, by using newly developed methodologies; and adapted to our triangulation of academic centre, care homes and international partner. Research will be the focus of the US events of the 6×6 at Rush University in Chicago. But there is no better matched country than Indonesia to the title of the Award (Sea & Currents); so, see you in Jakarta in October!

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