Life skills training by FANET in a Kenyan slum school – thanks to You!

These girls and boys in Nakuru would not have been at school, despite their hard work and ability. They live in an urban slum but still have to pay school fees. A number of factors have helped them to achieve: their families and motivation, their teachers’ perseverance, input from the NGO FANET, student volunteers from Egerton University, and your generous donations. These were carefully and transparently distributed to the hardest working pupils, and here are the results!

It is also inspiring to see the NGO CEO and Trustee, Charles and Jacqueline respectively, both successful academics at the University, follow it up with life skills training. It took a few attempts for several factors to fall into place, but so pleasing to see.

See you in November, for the running competition – please support the charity and the pupils through the WACIT fundraising, for me to present as many awards and schools fee contributions as possible in three months – let’s get more deprived but deserving kids in the next photo!



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