Frantic planning for the Athens kick-off of WACIT 6×6

It all fell into place in one day. The objective of events across all 8 countries in the 6 continents next month is to combine child trauma workshops on components of the WACIT model, and events with children and young people on resilience-building activities.

So, with only three weeks to go, here are some clues on the planned events in Athens: Our friends from South Carolina under their new name of Invest in Children Global ( are coming back for emotion regulation activities with unaccompanied refugee children; there will be a surprise football game with refugee and young people in care; the Ergo NGO and an inspiring Headteacher will remind us of last year’s resilience-building groups with young children in an inner-city multi-cultural school; and the launch of the first of the 6 t-shirts with mum’s eventual approval!

See you on Sunday 2nd October, and thanks to all our friends in the other 7 countries for their hard work and planning too!





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