WACIT Europe: It was promising and good fun, but hard to imagine what these refugee boys have gone through

Following on from the girls this morning, the dynamics were different, both in terms of gender and experience – one could tell the group who had recently arrived from the islands. They were fragile and found it hard to sustain their engagement, but it was a positive first experience.

The lads who had been in a more stable placement longer, could reflect (well, in a boy reflection type!), share, work better together, and enjoy themselves. If this mirrors their continuum of experiences, we had a good clue about the required levels of interventions from entry point to community placements; i.e. starting from safety and containment, moving on to different kinds of resilience-building, and eventually therapeutic input for those who need it and can sufficiently engage.

Being able to make these subtle distinctions would not have been possible without the amazing progress in terms of environments and services provided by PRAKSIS and their tireless staff plunging into the unknown.






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