WACIT Asia 2: The anonymous heroes of children’s homes all over the world 

I was intrigued to meet the cook and her assistants at this Jakarta orphanage, as I had previously been in a large school in Pakistan and the SOS Children’s Villages in Brazil. There is both system and art in cooking for so many children and staff  non-stop, whilst varying the menu and keeping it delicious. At least one of the boys was helping by carrying the huge papayas!

The same applied to the teachers, Social Work students and, of course, the tireless staff. This is more than the long hours and shifts. Changes are slow, and children require patience and perseverance. There are setbacks and risks, self-doubt and not many thanks. Yet the motivation that brings them to these roles in the first place, seems to keep them going to turn children’s lives around.

They deserve our recognition and respect,  I hope they felt appreciated during our training.


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