WACIT Africa 1: Living in the slums and having to pay school fees in Kenya

Primary education is now free, and hopefully high schools will follow at some point. But not yet, so these kids have to pay school fees which, no matter how small they may sound to others, are high enough for their parents.

If one adds the non-negligible factors of disengagement and dropping out of school, this could be the tipping threshold for some of them. The lack of opportunities for employable skills only adds to their misfortune, as the gap for further education is by now too high to bridge. 

This is also a difficult predicament for teachers, who have to meet inflexible targets. Transparent sponsorship linked to effort and motivation, and some tokenistic input from parents on some occasions, as implemented by NGOs like FANET in Nakuru, could make all the difference for some youth at a critical life point.


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