The story behind the face of WACIT

This was my third visit to Nakuru in Kenya and, as fate had it, R had to be the face of WACIT!

When I first met the children in a rural slum in April 2015, an older girl brought this 18-month-old toddler and put her in my lap. She did not move while all the other children introduced themselves. This picture somehow became symbolic of the first phase of WACIT. The visit also proved critical in trying out the training programme with a completely new group, including community leads and elders, that I had not connected with

before. And it seemed promising, giving me a lot of confidence.

When I went back in February this year, we had just tested the organisational strand of the model with regional managers in Nairobi, which seemed to take WACIT to the next level. At the time, R was almost 2.5 years, and more conscious, at least when her mum was not around.

We shared a few photos this third time around with R’s mum, almost at the end of the 6×6  programme. R was growing nicely, although she appeared more interested in her biscuits! It looked obvious that her and WACIT have been growing in parallel, I hope they do in years to come.


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