WACIT Uganda: The two-level training finally arrived

Introducing different levels of training for different service layers is relatively new  in child mental health anyway. When available, these training levels are separate or, at best, parallel. Sometimes having no training precedent paradoxically eases innovation.

All that had been missing was a team to operate on the interface, which is what the Children on the Edge team did, with their primary focus on child protection in disadvantaged communities, and gradually expanding in therapeutic areas. In that respect, the first child trauma workshop was not that different to previous variations. 

It became particularly exciting at the end of that workshop when we reflected what would be relevant – and crucially, how – for the community child protection volunteers. When they came for the second child trauma workshop, they expressed their own expectations and fears, but we went through the day seamlessly. Using their own material helped, and me taking the back seat for the COTE leads to facilitate was even more gratifying.

The next challenge is to build on both levels without losing their integration.


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