WACIT Brazil: Following children’s trauma clues and the Chapecoense football team tragedy

Only a couple of hours earlier at the workshop I had gone through a key slide on following children’s clues to share trauma in their own time. Yet it took me some time to work out that I missed them when I visited a school in Rio de Janeiro.

We talked football – as you do in Brazil – then the children asked a few questions on my flight. I took it as usual curiosity – although I had to stress that I had not come on a private jet. Then one boy asked me if it was safer that the small plane that had crashed in Colombia wiping out the whole Chapecoense Brazilian football team. Another boy asked me if I supported them – everyone should support Chapecoense now. What was my favourite colour? Unknowingly (and maybe subconsciously), I pointed at my dark green WACIT t-shirt, the same colours as Chapecoense.

Only much later did I realise that this day 30th November was only two after the actual anniversary of that fateful accident in Colombia.


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